Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Even the finest air conditioners produce noise. Some sounds are quite natural. As your air conditioner starts up, you may hear light blowing or revving noises. When your air conditioner starts up, fans or other mechanical components make these noises. These sounds can linger for a few seconds and are not dangerous.

If the air conditioner makes clanging, screaming, or clicking noises when you switch it on, it is most likely minor damage to the AC system. If the noise happens every time you switch on the unit, and you can’t pinpoint the source, it’s time to call an air conditioner repair in Monterey service.

But is your air conditioner creating unusually loud noises?

What Weird Or Loud Sounds Does Your AC Unit Make?

It’s essential to immediately identify the specific noise your AC is generating so you can address concerns and extend the life of the AC.

Banging And Clapping

When you start your unit, you may hear a loud sound. This might be a sign of dirt within the unit. If it’s not dirt, it’s most likely a weak fan rubbing up on the AC cage. If you hear this noise from the air conditioner, turn it off.


If your device makes a screaming sound, as if the metal is grinding against metal, this might indicate that the fan motor bearings have failed. This isn’t a life-threatening emergency, but attempt to keep the AC turned off until you get an AC specialist to your house. If you continue to use the unit, it may cause further difficulties.


Electrical difficulties are at work if your device produces clicking noises when you try to start it but never turn it on. You must not attempt to solve this issue on your own.

Common Repairs For Loud AC Devices

You may implement a few simple repairs regularly to reduce irritating sounds emanating from the AC unit.

Coil Fins Should Be Cleaned and Evened

Maintaining your unit’s coil fins can assist enhance efficiency. Straighten coil fins using a fin comb and pick up any leftover dirt with a vacuum brush extension.

Tighten Weak Screws

Running vibration might lead screws within your item to loosen. This might produce rattling during running, but it can also lead to loose parts within the device over time. All the loose bolts tightened during regular maintenance visits or while attempting to remedy a noise problem.

Remove Any Debris That Has Been Entangled In The Blades

Remove any debris surrounding the fan blades to avoid pounding and clang noises from the AC upon startup. This quick repair should take a few moments off of your day. 

Align Bent Blades

While looking for dirt, whether you find it or not, you should inspect the blades themselves. You may gently bend asymmetrical blades back into position. You don’t want to endanger the AC unit by being negligent.

Call an AC specialist if you sense the start of any difficulties with the AC system. They can assist you in repairing your equipment before it becomes a full-fledged disaster. This will save both time and money in the long run. If the situation persists, air conditioner replacement in Monterey is required.