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AC Installation In Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Seaside, CA and Surrounding AreasThe summers and winters in California can be unforgiving. One moment the temperatures are high and the other it is chilling. To add pain to these extreme weather conditions, you find out that your air conditioning (AC) unit is not functioning optimally or is completely broken. Contact Us Today for AC Replacement In Monterey, Carmel, CA and Surrounding Areas.

You have repaired your existing AC, which keeps breaking regardless of your endless efforts to maintain and keep it in the best condition. Replacing it might be your best option.

How Do I Know I Need to Replace My AC?

There are several tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your AC. These are:

  • Age: Standard ACs are meant to serve for up to 15 years. An old unit keeps breaking and replacing it is the best option.
  • High energy bills: An old air conditioner consumes large amounts of electricity to cool or warm your home or office. You end up cashing in a lot of money paying for your utility bills.
  • Weak airflow and poor air quality are also signs that dust and pollen are accumulating in your system’s ducts. The AC takes long to cool or warm your house, making a replacement the best option.
  • Frequent and regular repairs: Do you have to hit an AC technician up after every 3 weeks? This might be a sign that the system is unsalvageable and replacing is the best thing to do.
  • An upgrade: You might opt for an upgrade, maybe from a ducted system to a ductless one or a mini-split system.

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An AC system for your home or office is an expensive investment meant to serve you between 9-15 years. Therefore, you need professionals to make the replacement to avoid damaging the system or any issues in the future.

Getting a professional AC replacement company can be difficult. But, don’t worry because we’ve got you. At Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating, we make sure you get the best HVAC systems for your home or office. We also guarantee top-notch AC replacement, AC maintenance, and AC repair services to ensure your home or commercial unit remains cool and comfortable, just the way you like it.

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