What’s Included in Professional A/C Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is far less expensive than emergency repairs, as experienced homeowners know. It’s helpful to have an understanding of what the professional A/C maintenance list should cover when scheduling a routine maintenance visit. In this manner, you can cross items off your list as the contractor completes his, ensuring that you are aware of the state of every component of your HVAC system and avoiding any unexpected air conditioning replacement in Monterey. Make sure the work is done by a licensed contractor, as their work is governed by the law, and you may take any concerns to that level.

If You Hire A Trained HVAC Professional To Examine Your Air Conditioner, They Should Do All Of The Following Items:

  • All cables should be checked and tightened if necessary: To ensure that each motor is operating properly, the current and voltage should be measured. Any errors should be corrected.
  • The thermostat’s setpoint should be double-checked: To ensure that it will not only keep the temperature appropriate while you are at home but will also help you save electricity while you are away.
  • All moving parts should be well greased and cycled: Any elements that aren’t lubricated may lose efficiency and cause your energy expenses to rise.
  • Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils is essential: Any debris or dirt in the coils will make the air conditioner operate longer to maintain the same set temperature, consuming more energy. The device will have a shorter lifespan due to the longer cycle times required for the same level of cooling capacity, in addition to the additional expenditures added to your monthly utility bill.
  • The air conditioner’s refrigerant level should be checked and adjusted as needed: Refrigerant makes your air conditioner operate for you, but too much of it can cause problems, shortening the lifespan of specific sections of the unit and limiting comfort in your house. Low refrigerant levels, on the other hand, will necessitate more energy use to achieve the same amount of cooling as adequate levels.
  • Clean the blower components and examine them for any necessary modifications: When a system is correctly cleaned and calibrated, it can provide up to 15% more airflow than when it is dirty. While this may appear to be one of the more basic processes, it may easily be the most effective, so make sure the blower components are included in the professional A/C maintenance checklist.

There are additional steps you can take to ensure optimal HVAC performance in addition to these procedures in a professional A/C maintenance checklist. At least once a month, the air filter should be checked and cleaned or replaced as needed. The task of choosing, replacing, or cleaning the filter can be guided by your licensed HVAC contractor.

AC Maintenance With A Smile

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