What To Do If Your Heater Suddenly Stops Working This Winter?

A furnace burns natural gas or other fuel and warms the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers heat to cool air that enters your furnace. This cool air changes into hot air in the heat exchanger, and the blower fan circulates the warm air through the air register to heat the area.

On the other hand, a heat pump does not burn any fuel but absorbs the hot air from the outside air and pumps it inside. What if your heating system suddenly stops operating during the middle of winter?

A heater not functioning properly may require expensive heating repairs in Monterey, CA. However, it is not mandatory to call the technician immediately after your heating system stops working. You can troubleshoot a few heating issues yourself. Below you will find the ways to fix your heater using DIY methods.

Solutions To Fix The Heater

  • Inspect The Entire Equipment

Please turn off the heating system from the main power supply and inspect it carefully. The technician will also do the same on his visit. Inspect it to find rusting, cracks, or too much dirt in the equipment. Inspect the internal components as well. They can be loose or broken. If you find any crack, seal it with a sealant. If you find the insulation rusted or damaged, replace it to fix the problem.

  • Make The Unit Obstruction Free

After inspection:

1. Clean the air vents if they are clogged.
2. Check if something is blocking the air registers. There should be no hindrance or obstruction inside or outside the heating unit.
3. Check drainage, too, to ensure it is not clogged.

  • Troubleshoot The Thermostat

Verify if your thermostat is set to heat mode or not. Also, verify that you have selected the auto option. Restart the thermostat and then set the temperature again. If your thermostat is not working, it may need new batteries. If battery replacement didn’t help, get it checked by the technician.

  • Fix The Circuit Breaker

A flipped circuit breaker is the most common and easy-to-fix problem that can cause a heater to stop working. You will have to locate the heater breaker in the circuit breaker box and flip it back to turn it ON.

  • Observe The Pilot Light

Check whether there is a flame in the pilot light or not. If there is no flame, a faulty thermocouple can be the reason for the issue. If there is any defect in the safety valve, the furnace can stop working. Relight the pilot light with a lighter or a matchstick. Schedule a furnace repair in Monterey, CA, if the problem persists.


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