The Annual Furnace Inspection: Why You Can’t Skip It!

The furnace is one important part of your HVAC unit. As a homeowner, you may know that HVAC contractors in CA provide many services like furnace tune-up, furnace maintenance, and furnace installation in Carmel, CA. However, there is one that every contractor insists you need: the annual furnace inspection. Most homeowners are unsure what this service entails and why they need it. 

Why shouldn’t you skip the annual furnace inspection?
Here’s a list of reasons why you shouldn’t skip the annual furnace inspection.

  • It improves the efficiency of your system
    The best method to get the most out of your furnace is to ensure it works efficiently. The efficiency of a furnace can only be kept with regular maintenance. But, how do you know you need maintenance? The answer is simple: you can call for an inspection service and determine if maintenance is needed.
  • Problem detection before breakdown
    Instead of calling a contractor for HVAC repair in Monterey, CA, why not call for an inspection service beforehand! The inspection service will determine if there is a problem before it escalates. This will save money on repairs.


  • It suits your warranty needs
    All manufacturers have inspection requirements for availing warranty. Your 5-year warranty furnace needs to be inspected at least once for the warranty to remain valid. If this requirement is not met, the warranty may be canceled automatically, or you may need to pay extra money to continue renewing it.
  • It increases the lifespan of your heating unit
    Furnaces can easily last for 10-20 years, depending upon the model, make, and manufacturer. But to keep your furnace on track to this long lifespan, you should get it inspected and maintained regularly. Inspection service helps you detect problems before they escalate. Therefore, when you detect and solve a problem early on, the unit’s lifespan increases.

What should you expect from an annual furnace inspection?

Given below is the checklist for the annual furnace inspection:

  1. Inspection of fuel lines (especially for natural gas, diesel, wood, etc. furnaces)
  2. Inspection of electrical connections (especially for electrical furnaces)
  3. Inspection of ventilation units (exhausts, ductwork, indoor and outdoor ventilation gaps)
  4. Inspection of the thermostat (to ensure synchronization with the furnace)
  5. Inspection of ignition buttons and burner flames
  6. Inspection of air filters, heat exchangers, and safety switches
  7. Inspection of water, air, or fuel drainage systems
  8. Inspection of gas and fuel pressure and flow

These are only some of the things that are inspected. Depending upon the furnace you own, you may also have to look at a more comprehensive list of inspections. However, the key is to look at four main aspects: the unit’s working, the indoor-to-outdoor ventilation, the indoor ventilation, and the other connections to the furnace.

During the inspection, a good contractor covers all these aspects of your furnace and ventilation units. If you are unsure which service to call for an inspection or furnace installation in Carmel, CA, you can call MPH Heating and Air Cooling. We provide budget-friendly packages for all HVAC services. You can reach out to us at (831) 220-3745.