Six Warning Signs That Your Furnace Unit May Be Failing

Cold weather demands warmth indoors, which we can get from a professional furnace installation in Carmel, CA. A furnace is a budget-friendly, convenient, and helpful heating system for the comfort of your home. However, its quality is not going to remain the same forever. Like any other electronic equipment, a furnace can sometimes malfunction. It may have internal and external damage that can be indicated by several warning signs.

Six Warning Signs Indicating Furnace Failure

When a furnace is not working properly, we know it’s time to schedule a heating repair in Carmel or completely replace it. Poor maintenance, excessively harsh climate, or any other reason can be responsible for furnace failure. These conditions let you know when your furnace is failing.

1. Cooling Instead of Heating
A furnace may need gas refilling or repair when it starts blowing cool air instead of hot air.

2. A Rise in Monthly Bills
There might be some fault when you notice a constant rise in your monthly heating bills. It may obstruct the heating process. Then, your furnace may work more than usual to reach the heating requirement.

3. The Pilot Light is Yellow
The only normal color for the pilot light is blue. Yellow pilot light or any other color indicates harmful gas production or rusting. The pilot light will turn yellow when your heating system produces carbon monoxide. This gas may prove harmful to your health.

4. Smells With Airflow
A furnace is supposed to release hot air only. Suppose it emits a smell, this indicates there might be some issue with the system. It should neither be smelly nor noisy. If you smell bad odors whenever you turn your furnace on, call the technician for furnace inspection as early as possible.

5. Poor Heating
Each heating cycle of a furnace usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. It means you should feel the heat within 30 to 40 minutes after turning your furnace on. If your furnace takes more than usual to heat the same area, your heating unit has some problems and needs repair.

6. Reaching Average Lifespan
A furnace’s life span is around 15 to 20 years if you maintain it properly. You should pay more attention to the mechanism of the furnace once your system crosses 15 years. If your system is not functioning properly after 15 years, you need to get it inspected by an experienced professional. This way, you can know if your furnace needs to be replaced.


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