How Long Does It Usually Take To Replace A Furnace?

The installation process for a furnace in Carmel, CA can take a minimum of four hours and a maximum of ten hours. The reason for this time difference depends on a range of factors.

The factors contributing to the time required for furnace installation

  • The Size And Area Of Your Home

Your home’s size will decide your furnace system’s size. You should avoid getting either an undersized or oversized system for your home. It can disrupt the installation process and compromise your comfort. Therefore, you need to let your HVAC contractor decide on the size of the furnace.
Our expert technician will include several points in his analysis of your home to offer you the best choice.

  1. The floor area of your home.
  2. The number of people living in it.
  3. The number of windows and doors in your home.
  4. The insulation type, etc.
  • Inspecting The Ducts And Vents

The installation process will not take much time if you have a system of existing ducts and vents in your home. However, it would be best to have the technicians inspect the ducts and vents for security purposes. You don’t want to install a new furnace on damaged ducts.

  • Choose The Correct Furnace For Your Home

Once you know the size of the furnace and ducts, choose the correct furnace type for your home. Nowadays, homeowners rely on two types of furnace systems:

  1. Electric furnace
  2. Combustion furnace

Combustion furnaces use natural gas or oil to produce heat for your home. This type of furnace is less expensive but more energy efficient. However, its lifespan is relatively much less than the electric furnace.

The electric heating system is more expensive and energy efficient than the previous furnace option. At the same time, it doesn’t have any impact on the environment as well. The installation process of these systems differs too significantly.

  • Select The Most Reliable Furnace Service Provider

If you are searching Google for heating installation services near me, you will get plenty of options if you look for professional furnace technicians online. However, it would be best if you choose a contractor who has the following criteria:

  1. Proper license for the service.
  2. Strong online presence.
  3. Proven track record.
  4. An estimate-giving service facility, etc.


Modern furnace systems can serve you for up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Investment in the furnace can be significant, so be selective when choosing the right contractor.

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