Heater Not Working? Here’s How To Troubleshoot At Home

You can count on a central heating system that keeps you and your family comfortable and protected from chilly temperatures and bad weather during the winter. These heaters require a lot of labor to operate efficiently, so it is typical for them to break suddenly.

Tips For Troubleshooting Your Heating System

Check Thermostat

Ensure your home’s thermostat is set to “heat” before hiring a repairman or attempting a do-it-yourself. Although it might seem straightforward, some people do not have their thermostats set up right. It can easily be changed while cleaning or by someone brushing against it, as many systems require you to alter the setting to heat manually.

If this is the problem, set the thermostat back to “heat” and wait a few minutes for the system to activate. Try contacting a heater repair service in Monterey, CA, if this doesn’t solve the problem.

Examine The Filter

Clogged furnace filters can potentially cause heating systems to turn off. The source claims this is the most typical cause of heating problems. For information on where the filters are located and how to remove and clean them, consult the owner’s manual of your furnace. Remind yourself to lower the heat before beginning and flip the shutdown switch off.

If your unit is a heating/cooling combination, you are most likely operating it constantly. As a result, you will need to clean or replace your filters frequently.

Check Batteries

Your home’s thermostat may be battery-operated, even though you may not know this. Check whether it flashes a signal when it needs to be changed.

Ducts And Vents

Check your ductwork and airflow if some areas of your home are heating up while others aren’t. Additionally, make sure that no pipelines are obstructed or obstruct the ventilation.

Inspect Your Switches And Circuit Breakers

Try checking the circuit breakers in your house. The control switch can be found there. Check to see whether it has been set to “off” or if it is stuck in the center.

Heaters have their power button in addition to the circuit breaker. It is possible to flick it off accidentally. Ensure this switch is in the “on” position to guarantee proper furnace operation.

Check The Fuel

If you use gas to heat your home, a gas valve that was mistakenly shut off may be to blame for your heating problems. Follow the gas line from the furnace to the meter and check to see if all knobs are parallel to the gas pipe to determine if this is the cause of your issues. You might need to ensure the pilot light is on for older appliances. The source of the problem can be the gas supply.


If none of your attempts at troubleshooting have worked, you might want to call a furnace repair service in Monterey, CA.

The technicians at Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating are well-trained and are available around the clock to maintain the best possible condition for your heater. Contact us now to schedule an appointment so you can live comfortably and carefree.