Does your heater smell like it’s burning?

It can cause several problems for many homeowners when a heater smells like it’s burning because most burning smells at home generally indicate a sign of danger. When talking about indoor airflow, the causes for such an of our can vary from harmless to dangerous. Four reasons why your heater smells like it’s burning and what you can do in those circumstances. 

  1. Heater Smells Like Burning Plastic or Rubber
    Sometimes, plastic, rubber or other substances end up inside of the ductwork through the air vents. If you sniff a burning rubber smell or a burning plastic smell that is not uniform throughout your house, try to locate the area.
    Examine the air vents and ductwork in the area that has a sharp burning smell to ensure that there isn’t an impediment. You should ensure that you don’t close your vents as this can affect the balance of your heating and cooling system and decrease its efficiency. If this doesn’t mend the burning odour, reach out to a competent HVAC technician for help.
  2. Musty Smell
    A musty odour coming from your heater is normally an indication of mould or blight in either your heating unit or ductwork. Sometimes, the buildup is connected to the dust and other junk that will ultimately burn off. If the odour doesn’t fade away, you must first clean or repair your filters. If you recently bought new filters or cleaning doesn’t help fix the smell, reach out to your local HVAC expert to clean and examine your ductwork.
  3. Electrical burning smell
    A burning electrical smell could imply that you have a severe electrical issue. If your heating system has deteriorated or is defective, the blower motor can overheat, which would explain the electrical burning smell. It could also be due to faulty electrical wiring. Even more disturbing, an electrical burning smell can be an indication of a broken heat exchanger which is an urgent and potentially hazardous problem. An electrical burning smell is a warning of a significant issue. Turn off your heating system immediately and call a professional for help.
  4. Clogged Air Filter
    The dust and silt on a blocked air filter might cause a burning smell from the heat passing through the heating system. We always remind you to change your air filters periodically and this is particularly crucial when using your heater. Rehabilitating your old air filter with a clean, new filter could alleviate that terrible burning smell.

    Occasionally, an aged air filter can cause the unit to overcompensate to push more air through it. Assess your vent filters and see if they are plugged up with soot, silt and debris. If you don’t have a new one at your residence, you must be able to find a replacement filter for most units at your regional hardware store. 

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