Common Warning Signs Of Furnace Failure

Your furnace is your beloved lifeline in the midst of a freezingly cruel winter. In numerous households, the furnace is the sole means of heating, which is why people rely on it to keep themselves warm during the harsh winter. You certainly would not want your furnace giving up on you when you need it the most. A failing furnace is a great inconvenience, but it is even more inconvenient if you’re incapable of detecting such failures.
Here, we have provided a list of the most common kinds of furnace failure. These little discrepancies can be detected by you as well, so you may evaluate the condition of your furnace and then call a technician if need be. 

  1. Frequent furnace stops and restarts
    Your furnace keeps switching itself on and off; this is automatic and can be known as the general cycle for your heating system; it focuses on maintaining a constant temperature. However, a furnace that switches off quite frequently without efficiently heating your home can be an issue. Have a professional come and take a look at your ignition system if this particular problem occurs.
  2. Cracks and leaks
    Cracks in your furnace are not only a technical heating issue but also a great safety hazard. Anything which smells out of the ordinary, or any suspicious condensation around your furnace can pose a serious threat. Get in touch with two people immediately in case you hear a hissing sound from inside your furnace and smell something rotten at the same time; an HVAC technician and your nearest gas company.
  3. Unnecessary high heating bills
    It is indeed quite expensive to own a heating system and live in a cold region. Although there has been surging inflation, a sudden increase in your gas and power bills might be due to an inefficient furnace. In such a situation keep comparing your power and gas bills for at least three months before fixating on particular energy drains. There is a probability that your bills might be reflecting furnace issues that need repairs, or maintenance; which it has not undergone throughout summer while you were not using it.
  4. Other commonly known furnace issues
    Besides the above-mentioned tricky and difficult to detect issues, there are some commonly known ones that you might have faced previously but were not really experienced enough to detect.
    • Thermostat related problems due to leakage in the ducts
    • Yellow pilot light indicating an imbalance in the gas is working inside, releasing carbon monoxide into your house
    • Low airflow, or your furnace blowing cold air instead of a hot one due to lack of maintenance and servicing

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