Can Putting The Air Filter In Your Furnace The Wrong Way Damage It?

Every mechanical equipment is designed to coordinate with the other to provide comfort to the user. If any part of the machine is damaged, the machine, as a whole, breaks down. The filter paper used on both sides of the furnace has different-sized pores. The filter cleans the air and passes the clean air through the other end. It becomes extremely important to know that your filter is placed correctly. If not, it damages the furnace and puts a risk on the lives of everyone around.

The wrong filter placement causes the need for heating repair in Carmel. Now let’s see what happens when an air filter is placed incorrectly.

  • Furnace’s Efficiency

The air filter is made so that both ends have differently sized pores. If it is wrongly placed, the filtration process will not succeed. Particles can pass without any hindrance through the big pores, and the small ones have to do more work which will eventually lead to loss of efficiency. 

  • Air Quality

The unwanted particles will pass through the filter if the air is not filtered. When this air is circulated in the room, these harmful particles also circulate. This will reduce the air quality of the room. Everyone in the room will be exposed to these harmful particles resulting in allergies and other health hazards. This polluted air is harmful, especially for infants and senior citizens. 

  • Effect on Filter Paper

The filter paper has differently sized pores. Suppose large-sized particles are forced through the small pores, the size of the pores increases. This reduces the efficiency of the filters. The filter paper will not filter the impurities and other particles.
Hence, the wrongly placed filter is harmful to human health and the filter condition.

How To Know If Your Filter is Wrongly Placed?

If you face this problem and your filter has recently been replaced, then the only reason for your breathing problem is wrongly placed filters. The filters have to do more work than required which will require more power. Thus the bills will increase.

If the furnace bills are high, it can indicate improperly placed filters. Air filters, if put improperly, are unable to do the designated task and thus reduce the efficiency of the machine as a whole. 

How to Stop This?

Most filters come with marks which is for indicating the front and the back end of the filter. You should pay attention to it while installing an air filter in your furnace. If you install an air filter for the first time, call a licensed HVAC contractor in Carmel, CA. Observe him while he completes the installation procedure. This will help you in future installations.

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