Best Gas Furnace Brands In 2021 (With Costs, Efficiency, Installation)

Most homeowners expect to see huge, dependable brands for the best furnace installation Carmel, CA.  When discussing furnaces with your installer, you should be confident and familiar with all major brands with the longest histories and highest dependability ratings.

American standard furnaces

This brand is regarded as one of the most unique and dependable HVAC systems. The HVAC repair Monterey, CA needs and calls are considerably low for its equipment. Because the quality of an American standard gas furnace is top-notch and very respected in the eyes of many, it is worth spending extra bucks. Installation costs for American standard furnaces range from $2,494 to $4,375.

Bryant Furnaces

Bryant manufactures high-quality central gas furnaces that customers like. Bryant gas furnaces have extremely high energy performance characteristics. A gas furnace’s capacity to have such great energy efficiency is a remarkable attribute of the brand. Bryant furnaces are Energy Star certified and are an excellent brand of HVAC systems in general. Depending on the HVAC type, a Bryant gas furnace might cost anywhere from $2,485 to $4,368 to install.

Carrier Furnace Units

This brand is well known for its marvellous history. Carrier is one of the best furnace companies, according to Consumer Reports and most HVAC professionals trust Carrier because of its long-lasting products and robust furnace warranties. Installing a carrier gas furnace costs an average of $2,882 for a household.

Ruud Furnace Units

Ruud furnaces is a reputable company that offers a comprehensive array of heating and cooling goods. Ruud has furnace parts accessible across the United States, providing a quick turnaround time on new HVAC components and a quality HVAC repair in Monterey, CA warranty. Installation costs for a RUUD gas furnace range from $2,499 to $3,578 on average.

Lennox Furnace Units

Lennox is one of the oldest and trustworthy furnace manufacturers in the United States. They sell the best central air conditioners and furnaces on the market. More quiet alternatives with variable blower motors are available from Lennox. Depending on the type, the cost of installing a Lennox gas furnace can range from $2,470 to $3,895. 

Rheem Furnaces

Rheem is best known for its boilers and water heaters. It also manufactures high-quality heating and cooling devices today. Rheem is the owner of the Ruud brand and produces objects under that name as well. Extensive warranties supports Rheem furnaces and other Ruud HVAC devices. Depending on the size and energy efficiency requirements installing one can cost $2,480 to $3,678. 

Trane Gas Furnaces

Trane gas furnaces are among the best in the heating and cooling business. The company has been in business, in the long run, it has specialised in heating systems and furnaces. Trane offers a wide range of heating, cooling, and humidification products. Total installation expenses for a Trane gas furnace replacement can range from $2,490 to $6,000.

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