7 Basic Tips For Fixing Your Heater

Our HVAC professionals suggest that every homeowner should know about their furnace system at home. With the right knowledge, you can avoid unnecessary heating system repairs due to sudden breakdowns. If you live in Carmel or the surrounding areas and are in need of an HVAC technician, contact Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating for professional services.

Seven tips to follow when your furnace stops responding

1. Inspect The Thermostat

The thermostat is the first thing you should check if your heating system breaks down. A thermostat machine ensures that you get an even temperature across your house. Check if the thermostat setting has been set to heat mode. You can turn it off and wait a few seconds to turn it back on. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to call Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating for superior heating repair service in Monterey, CA.

2. Check The Filters

Filters are an essential part of the furnace system. According to our experts, you must attend to the filters every three months. You may clean or replace the filters as required. Dirty filters will lead to the following conditions in your furnace:

  • Weak airflow
  • Decreased heating power
  • Overheating the furnace equipment, etc.

3. Inspect The Gas Valve

You might want to check the gas valve if you have a gas furnace. The gas valve lever should not be in a perpendicular position to the gas pipe because, this way, the gas will not reach the heating chamber, and as a result, the heater will not turn on. At this point, place the gas lever in parallel with the gas valve. If you require assistance or are looking for a professional furnace repair technician in Monterey, CA, contact Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating.

4. Inspect The Circuit Breakers

It doesn’t matter which type of furnace you use, i.e., gas or oil; you require electricity to operate. If your heater is not working, you should look for the circuit breaker panel to see for any tripped circuit breaker. When you find it, reset it immediately.

5. Check The Vents And Ducts

The vents and ducts carry warm air across your house. If these ducts become dirty or clogged with debris, your system might face issues like energy loss due to overwork. At this point, we suggest you contact our company for professional heater repair service in Carmel or the surrounding areas.

6. Inspect If The Heater Has A Blue Flame Light

If the furnace has a blue ignition flame, it denotes that your furnace is in good condition. However, if that flame turns yellow, there is something wrong with the furnace. At this point, you can clean the burner and try again.

7. Check The On and off switches

Every furnace has a power switch attached to the wall. If it is turned off, your furnace will not operate. It sounds easy but it is the most significant troubleshooting step. This is a common mistake that homeowners usually make.


We believe every homeowner should be aware of their furnace system. This way, you can understand when you need to call for a heating repair service. If you live in Monterey, CA or the surrounding areas and are in need of a professional service provider, contact Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating.

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