6 Strange Noises Your Heater Might Be Making

Heaters are built to make no noise while working. However, in some cases, the heater starts producing some abnormal noises. These weird sounds can be pretty disturbing. In such a situation, you should immediately start looking for a heating repair in Carmel to figure out the issue and give the best solution. The cause of the noise from your heater will also affect its performance. It can lead to high electricity bills, uneven temperature, or even a sudden breakdown of your HVAC system. You need to schedule some regular HVAC maintenance services to avoid such situations.

Six different types of noises your heater can produce
It is important to have a brief knowledge about some abnormal sounds that a heater can produce. It will help you inspect the issue and figure out the perfect solution for that. If your heating system makes any of these sounds, you should schedule a heating repair in Carmel.

  1. Rattling sound
    Any loose part in the heating system can be the reason behind rattling sounds. If you leave the issues unaddressed, they will be broken and cause more harm to the heating unit. Therefore, you should call a technician. They might recommend you for a heating replacement or heating installation near me.

  2. Booming sound
    The issue of booming sounds is commonly noticed with gas furnaces. If your heating system is producing some booming sound, it indicates the accumulation of dirt and debris in your burner. This collection of dirt will cause a delay in the ignition of the gas in your heater. Ignoring such an issue can put your heater at serious risk.

  3. Hissing sound
    Never ignore a hissing sound from your furnace. This kind of noise may indicate some issue with your air filter. If there is some clog in the air filter or leakage in the ductwork of your heating unit, then it will produce a hissing sound. Leakage of the refrigerants or crack in the heat exchanger will also lead to the production of hissing sound. Make sure to fix the issue by calling an HVAC company for heating repair in Carmel.

  4. Screeching sound
    A screeching sound can originate due to the scraping of one metal against another. Lubricate the part to remove the noise.

  5. Buzzing sound
    When you turn the heater on, it starts producing a buzzing sound, which is an indication that it needs a heating repair in Carmel. This condition commonly arises due to electrical troubles in your heating system. Schedule a quick tune-up to prevent the sudden breakdown of your heater.

  6. Clicking sound
    Usually, it can produce some clicking sounds when you turn on the heater. However, if this sound persists till the furnace is operating, then it is a serious issue that should be solved by the HVAC technicians as soon as possible.

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