5 Common Causes Of AC Failure – What You Can Do And When To Call A Technician

Like any other machine, an air conditioner can break down at any point. As a homeowner, you should know why such a condition arrives and what you should do when it does. This way, you will know when an AC repair service is necessary for your system. If you are seeking a professional HVAC company in Carmel contact the professionals at Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating.

Top Five Causes Of Ac Failure And What You Can Do To Solve The Problem

You can only approach solving an AC problem when you know why it happens. Before you call our professional repair service, you can try to identify the problems yourself. Below are some common causes of AC failure:

  • Faulty Circuit Breaker: A circuit breaker automatically cuts off the power during an electric surge. When your AC stops working, you must inspect the circuit breaker and find whether this is the root cause. If so, you can replace the fuse, reset the breaker and wait for at least 15 minutes to cool down to turn the system on again.

  • The Problem With The Frozen Evaporator Coil: If the ducts remain blocked or the air filters are dirty, such a condition will prevent airflow. As a result, you will face the problem of frozen coils. These coils can’t work without the presence of warm air. You can solve the problem by keeping the filters and ducts clean. If you would rather hire a professional AC repair service in Carmel instead, contact Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating.

  • Fan Problem: Every AC has two fans – one that blows indoor air to the evaporator for cooling purposes and another to pull warm air and pushes it outside. If these fans stop working, the entire AC function will collapse. The compressor will gradually stop working, and the system will shut down. Such a condition can only be avoided when you take this problem seriously by lubricating different AC parts, cleaning dirt, repairing motors and belts, etc.

  • Low Refrigerant: The refrigerant is why the house remains cool in the summer. If this significant material starts leaking from somewhere, the AC will not have refrigerant to keep the house cool. At this point, the system is just running and eventually collapses. If you are not a trained technician, do not approach this problem yourself.

  • Thermostat Failure: Older thermostats frequently face the problem of recalibration. As a result, the temperature fluctuates, and the AC suffers. At this point, you can either recalibrate the thermostat successfully or replace it.


When you find the root cause, you should evaluate whether you can solve this problem yourself or wait for our AC repair technician for assistance. The issue of leaking refrigerant requires an expert’s intervention.

The more you are careful with the system, the better service it will provide you. At this point, you need the support of a reliable AC repair service technician in Monterey, like Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating. We are a professional AC service company. Call us at 831-220-3745 to learn more about our services.