Reasons Why A Tankless Water Heater Runs Hot and Cold

Tankless water heaters are known to be more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. A traditional water heater stores large quantities of hot water, which, if unused, cools down rapidly. In contrast, tankless water heaters do not store water and, as a result, do not waste energy. Contractors who provide heater repair in Monterey, CA, often recommend tankless water heaters for this purpose. However, sometimes the water runs hot and cold in a tankless water heater.

Why does this happen?
Let’s go through a few reasons why your tankless water heater might be running hot and cold.

  • Mineral build-up
    If the water your home receives is hard water and not soft, minerals can build up inside the tankless water heater. Since hard water has high mineral content, the time taken for mineral build-up is low. The longer you wait to call for heater repair in Monterey, CA, the more minerals will build up.

  • The sandwich
    The sandwich is a phenomenon most of us are familiar with: when you start a shower immediately after another person, the water is warm. In the middle (usually for a few seconds or minutes), the water turns cold before warming up again.

    This “cold water sandwich” phenomenon is because the water directly near the showerhead is still warm from the last shower. The tankless water instantaneously reacts by heating the water inside the heater. However, the water in the inner piping is cold. And therefore, you feel a hot-cold-hot sandwich.

  • Blocked air supply
    Ventilation plays an important role in maintaining air and water flow temperature. The tankless water supply cannot provide warm water with a blocked air supply. This rule is true for all HVAC and water systems. Just like when your furnace is blocked, you have to call for a furnace repair in Monterey, CA; similarly, you have to call for tankless water heater repair when the heater is blocked.

  • Gas problems

Two reasons can cause these types of problems:

  1. The gas supply is inadequate or infrequent. Therefore, there are patches of heating and cooling depending upon when the gas is burnt and when it isn’t.
  2. The ignition has problems. Therefore, the fuel may be partially burnt or unburnt, and you don’t receive hot water.

In either case, the ignition and gas problem needs to be inspected and fixed to ensure a steady flow of warm water.

  • System overloading
    This problem may occur if your water heater is not the right size. If you have installed a heater that is too small or too large based on your daily requirement, your heater is working overtime to compensate. This means there are patches of hot and cold water, and, as a result, the system is no longer working efficiently. Regardless of which reason is causing the problem, the only solution is to call a professional. Most contractors who provide furnace repair in Monterey, CA, also provide water heater repair. If you do not know a reliable contractor, you can always pick us!

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