How to Relight Your Furnace Pilot Light In 5 Simple Steps

A depreciated old furniture with time starts giving trouble. We understand and support your decision to not proceed with a “heating installation near me” until and unless required. But one needs solutions to fix a troubling pilot light present in an older furnace. 

What is a pilot light?

A pilot light is the little blue flame that ignites the natural gas from the main burner of the machine. This pilot light might go out for various causes, leaving exposed to the elements. Thankfully, a broken furnace pilot light does not necessarily necessitate a pricey repair. 

On most gas furnaces, relighting a pilot light is very simple and safe. Follow the steps mentioned in the article for an easy DIY fix:

Bringing a pilot light back to life

  • Collect and arrange the necessary tools and materials

You will need a flashlight and a long-reach lighter or long-handled match to relight your pilot light. If you do not have suitable objects, you can use a tightly curled piece of paper instead.

  • Check the guidelines provided by the manufacturer

In most cases, the directions for relighting the pilot light are located on a conspicuous label on most furnaces. If you are facing difficulty finding a label on the heating system, look for pertinent information in the unit’s manual or on the company’s website. The heating installation near me will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Find the pilot light for the furnace

You probably already know where the pilot light is if you’ve read the unit’s instructions or faced such issues before. If not, look for a switch on the bottom of the furnace with three parameters: pilot, on, and off.

  • Allow the gas to escape

Turn the switch or knob to the off direction after you’ve located it. It seals the valve and stops the gas from escaping. Any leftover gas will disappear after the knob is off. To avoid starting the fire or injuring yourself or others, wait at least five minutes after turning off the pilot light before turning it back on. After that, set it to “pilot.”

  • Switch on the pilot light again

Following that, look for the reset button, which should be next to the on/off switch. Place the tip of a lighted match or lighter near the pilot light aperture while pressing and holding the button. It should relight the pilot light in your furnace. Once the pilot flame is lighted and burning steadily, release the button.

What to do if the pilot light on your furnace isn’t on?

Try again after you’ve completed the five procedures above. If still facing troubleshooting, your machine may need heating repair Carmel. It may be time to repair or replace your furnace, particularly if you have an older unit or a system with a malfunctioning electrical ignition. Check to see what heating repair Carmel options are available in your area.

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