How To Diagnose A Water Heater Problem

Issues often go unnoticed in the early stages of your water heater’s life until something goes wrong. Many people do not bother checking their heater as long as it’s supplying hot water on demand.

To work properly, water heaters require regular maintenance, just like other mechanical systems in your home. Call the experts if your water heater is not working properly to assist you.

The Most Common Reasons Your Water Heater Doesn't Work And How To Fix Them

  • Water Does Not Warm Up

A broken heating element often results in a lack of warm water. The heating elements in your water heater handles the task of incoming heated water in the tank. When these components break down and prevent you from using hot water for showering, cleaning, or laundry, it is better to replace them and buy new ones.

Purchasing new parts for your water heater or contacting a heating repair service in Carmel, CA, for help with repairs is the best option if your water heater stops working.

  • The Water Appears To Be Discolored

If your house’s water appears discolored, your water heater’s anode rod or the water tank is deteriorating. Fortunately, if caught in its earliest stages, this issue can be fixed by a water heater repair service in Monterey.

Your system’s anode rod can be easily removed and replaced by a trained professional. Water tanks may begin to crack as rust spreads inside them. In most cases, fixing a water tank leak is not possible. A new system installation will be required to fix this problem with the water heater.

  • Strange Sounds From The Water Heater

During the heating process, your water heater may produce steam-like sounds. Sediment buildup can cause these noises. Usually, sediment accumulates on either the tank’s bottom or the components.

A city’s water is likely to contain high mineral levels, leading to sediment buildup. An experienced professional may be required to clean the tank if this is the case.

  • Leakage Of Water

If you experience water leakage, there could be a leak in the heating element gasket if there is water leaking from the bottom, or it could be caused by normal condensation. There could be a problem with the inlet valve or loose piping if water leaks from the top of the water heater. It would be best if you replaced your tank if it starts to leak.

No matter how small a leak is, it would be best if you don’t ignore it. The last thing you want is a 30-gallon or 60-gallon tank to drain into your basement or utility room. If your water heater starts to leak, talk to your local HVAC service provider about replacing it.

Getting rid of your water heater problems has never been easier. The next step after analyzing a water heater problem is to arrange for repairs. Our Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating team can help you with a broken gas valve, malfunctioning heating element, or cracked dip tube. You can reach us at (831) 657-9914 or drop us an email.