6 Early Signs Of Water Heater Failure

Water heaters are critical units, so you should take utmost care of the water heaters to ensure they do not break down in the middle of the winter season.

However, there might come a time when you have to call a water heater repair expert in Monterey and replace the water heater. Do you know the signs that indicate it is time to replace the unit? Let’s find out.

Six Signs Indicate The Water Heater Failure Is Near!

Here are six signs that indicate the water heater may fail soon and you might need to replace it:

  • Leakage: If you find the water dripping from the water heater unit, you should call our skilled water heater repair expert in Monterey for a quick inspection, as it is not a good sign. It is essential to understand where the water is leaking from to find an optimum solution to fix it.

    Here are three reasons why there is leakage in your water heater system:

    1. There is a condensate formation due to the high-temperature difference between the outside air and the water tank. There is nothing to worry about; only you need to ensure a proper drainage system to keep the water from accumulating.

    2. The issue lies in the T&P (temperature and pressure) valve if the water is dripping from the pipe that runs by the unit’s side. The T&P valve is venting excess steam, and it is better if an expert fixes the issue.

    3. If you see the water leaking from the bottom of the water heater, it is about to fail. It is better to start thinking about the new system.

  • Corrosion: Corrosion eats away the metal surfaces and degrades their quality to work properly. Corrosion indicates water leakage through the sealed pipe fittings. It is another sign that you need to replace your water heating system soon.

  • Burn Marks: If you notice burn marks, it is an indication of the following two problems:

    1. It is a sign of a ventilation issue, and lots of harmful gasses like natural gas and exhaust fumes are accumulating inside your unit. Contact our HVAC repair expert in Monterey, CA, if you find burn marks around the bottom of the water heater.

    2. The burn marks also indicate the flue pipes located inside the water heating system are blocked.

  • Yellow Flame Color: A blue flame should be burning underneath the tank to heat up the water. If the flame looks yellow or orange, there is an issue with the burner, which needs to be cleaned.

  • Popping Noise: If your water heating system sounds like a popcorn machine, it means there is an accumulation of honey-comb sludge inside the system. You can use a water softener to make your water heating system more efficient.

  • Loud Blower Motor: The water heating system becomes noisy with time because the blower motor wears down. However, if you hear a distinct rattling, tinkling, or clicking noise, it indicates the blower motor needs to be replaced.

Bottom Line

Water heating systems have a life expectancy of 15-20 years; however, you should hire an expert for regular maintenance if the system is more than 12 years old.

If you are looking for an HVAC repair expert in Monterey, CA, to repair your old system or suggest a new one, Monterey Peninsula Sheet Metal & Heating technicians will help you! Call (831) 657-9914 or email and explain your inquiry to our expert plumbers.